Instant Reports

Would you like to be able to produce the reports you want:

With minimal effort;
as frequently as you desire?

Giving you time to focus on decision making.


Forecasting and Planning

Do you have all the information you need to help with making decisions for

and estimating future growth?

Have all the relevant facts available at your fingertips.

Lean and Agile

Are you able to monitor all the key aspects of your business in order to ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively?

Have you got the systems that enable you to identify and respond quickly to situations – whether it is the early signs of an opportunity or a potential problem?

Ensure efficient business operations and allow timely decision making.

Key Performance Indicators [KPIs]

Do you have an effective set of indicators that allow you to monitor whether the key processes of the business are performing on target?

Enabling enhanced decision making to ensure the business is performing effectively.

Astute Business Analytics

How we help you to maximise your profit

Astute Business Analytics ensures maximising your profit, through improved efficiencies in your business operations and boosting sales performance, by developing your Business Intelligence. Enabling you to keep a close eye on your key processes and make enhanced management decisions.

Business Analytics helps you to answer questions such as: “How are we doing?”, “Why?” and “What should we be doing?”. Enabling you to spot and analyse trends, patterns and anomalies.

Are there ways in which you can share information and insights with your customers in order to develop a stronger relationship?

Studies have shown that Analytics-driven organisations can outperform their competitors; through significant and measurable business performance improvements.

Our Values

At Astute Business Analytics our core values are very important to us in order to build an effective relationship that works for you.

We are honest and truthful in all our dealings; providing a quality service in a professional manner. Our knowledge comes from a strong technical and business background, and is constantly updated through research.

Astute Business Analytics is here to support you for the long-term, to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from our relationship. We are a company that listens to your needs and concerns; using our knowledge and experience we are then able to deliver solutions that work for you.

You can be assured that Astute Business Analytics treats everyone with respect, through tolerance and understanding, and can be relied upon to deliver on our promises to you.

Customisable Reports – Key features

On Premises and Cloud Hosted